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Summer Camp in Apex, NC

Jordan Lake Boating Camp

           Counselor-In-Leadership Training Program (CILT):  Ages 13-15


We are grateful for campers who've aged with us and are now teens.  We are reserving ONLY 2 CILT spots per week for teens who are strongly interested in learning and working toward becoming a future boating camp counselor. 


We only accept new CILTs who've previously attended Jordan Lake Boating Camp as a camper or CILT.  Sorry! 
(Teens new to JLBC can apply for a job once they reach age 16 - although preferences given to age 18+)

If your teen is “gung-ho” about boating, fishing, paddling, swimming, and outdoor adventure and who can grow to become a role model for young children, then our training programs may be a great fit. 

We encourage applicants who are already passionate about these subjects and thrive on challenge and hard work.  Our goal is to help CILTS grow personally, professionally and socially by increasing self-confidence, leadership and accountability.  Boating is the perfect canvas to build character, decision-making, life skills, and prepare to enter the workforce.

CILT Goals

  • CILTs assist counselors with the Junior Boating Campers (ages 7-8)  
  • Pro-actively participate in camp activities and engage campers.
  • Learn and implement skills to lead one activity period, under the guidance of senior staff.

CILT Requirements

  • We only accept CILTs who've previously attended Jordan Lake Boating Camp as a camper or CILT. 
  • Must be age 13 by June 12, 2023
  • Must be a proficient swimmer
  • Price: $495 - Earn back up to $50 based on their week-end evaluation.
  • To apply your child will write a short email explaining why they want to be a CILT and what they are doing currently in school/extracurricular activities/work history.  Emails should be sent to Don and CC a parent.  If accepted and there is availability, a password will be emailed back to you so you can register online for 1 week.  Due to popular demand registration is limited to 1 week per summer per CILT.  Transferring weeks if your plans change will be very difficult and not guaranteed.  Please note that trying to select your CILT week to coincide with other regular camp registrations (friends/carpools/siblings) will be highly unlikely.  

Transfer Requests & Cancellations

Cancellation and Refund Policy is here


  • CILTs should be role models in their attitude, actions, toward peers and campers.  Through open and constructive feedback, they will build skills in leadership, communication and work ethic.   We take the CILT program very seriously and reserve the right to remove someone from the program if they do not meet expectations (e.g. they don’t want to be there), or intentionally violate our policies and procedures, or exhibit behavior that is not congruent with being a role model.  Please discuss this with your child before registering.

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