Covid-19 Plan for 2021

  • In 2020 our camps followed the American Camp Associations (ACA) 'Field Guideline for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance', which included social distancing, cohorting in separate groups, mask wearing when within six feet, and extra cleaning and disinfecting and making adjustments to our programming.  
  • The great news: The campers had a blast outdoors and we are grateful to report that our customers, staff and family had zero covid cases the entire 2020 summer and zero cases this fall in Sun Star Farm Preschool and Afternoon Adventure Camps.
  •  Campers are in very small groups and outdoors 99% of the time - the best place to be enjoying childhood at anytime!
  • For 2021: we will continue to implement the latest CDC and local Health Dept guidelines for camp and will make adjustments to activities if needed.  

General CDC & NC Dept of Human Health Guidelines...

Implementing these procedures is our first priority:

  • Temperature check for all campers and staff during drop off using a touch-less thermometer
  • Campers/counselors stay in small groups a.k.a "cohorting", and no co-mingling of people or items between groups.
  • Lots and lots of hand washing/sanitizing before and after activities throughout the day
  • Lots of systematic cleaning/sanitizing
  • Not sharing items between campers.
  • Activities and logistics planned with social distancing in mind.
  • Regarding mask wearing, the rules and executive orders continue to change so we will follow whatever rules are in place at the time summer rolls around.

We will email parents two weeks in advance of your child’s camp week with a procedures checklist for you to follow to make it easy (i.e. what to bring / do / check-in process, etc. factoring in the most up to date CDC and local health department guidelines. 

J​ordan Lake Boating Camp Details - CDC & NC Dept. of Human Health Guidelines 

Good news: the CDC says that covid-19 is not waterborne, i.e. there is no water transmission from one to another.

Each week Boating Camp is only going to have about 7 junior campers (ages 6-8) with dedicated 2 counselors and about 14 senior campers (ages 9-12) with 2-3 counselors for this group plus 2-3 Counselors in Leadership Training (CILTs)

This is about as small of a camp program that you could possibly find this summer.  We are dedicated to making it safe and awesome!

Rather than base from a pontoon boat, we will base from different places on shore or an island each day.  Not the beach areas used by the public, but other favorite remote places, near good fishing, etc.

Every camper will have their own outdoor carpet (3'x3') to keep their backpack on and eat on.  The pontoon boat will only be used by 4 children at a time for rides, learning, fishing excursions.  Everyone will be 6+ feet apart.

Each camper will have their own kayak and paddle and fishing gear.  

Each camper will have their own lifejacket for the week that will be stored away from others at the end of the day.  Every Friday, we’ll completely disinfect lifejackets and dry them out for Monday.

The only times when social distancing won’t be possible and therefore we’d all need to wear a mask, would be:

 1) Getting to and from the lake.  It is a 1.5 mile drive in the van from the farm to the lake.  Loading, driving, then unloading takes a max of 5 minutes.  We make 3 trips with assigned seats so everyone can spread out and wear masks. (We disinfect the van at the end of every day). 

 2) We plan to use the small rigid inflatable boat (11 feet long) with 2 campers and 1 staff so the campers can safely learn to operate a small 10 hp outboard engine (everyone will wear a mask - maybe pretend they are pirates while they are at it).   They love this part of camp. 

3) Anything that would require close contact between counselors and a camper, e.g. first aid, etc.

Things like 'paddleboard wars” and rafting up and anything else close contact, we just won’t do.

If your child likes to fish, then they will love the freedom and space of camp.  Fish from the pontoon, fish from their kayak, fish from shore, etc.  The fish are waiting for us!

For rainy days we’ll head to a large picnic shelter at the state park and base from there, like usual.  We fish, paddle, swim and boat as long as lightning is not within 15+ miles on radar and is safe to do so.

Lots of hand sanitizer, lots of disinfectant wipes and lots of supervision to ensure everything goes according to plan.

It is our belief that children thrive being outdoors and being social, we look forward to helping make this summer as joyful and fun as possible, while also making it as safe as possible. Thank you for entrusting your children to us.

Please email if you have questions.

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