Camp Hours

Both Jordan Lake Boating Camp and JUNIOR Boating Camp is Monday – Friday from 9:00am - 4:00pm.  

  • Early Care is 8:00am to 9:00am and is $40.
  • After Care is 4:00-5:30pm and is $60.

Younger Sibling Note: If a younger sibling is in Sun Star Farm Camp or Little Farmers Camp, then Extended Care until 4:00pm is available for purchase during registration.  If you have a sibling registered in Tinkering School NC that ends at 3:30pm, they can stay for free until your Boating Camper is finished at 4:00pm.

Camp Ages
Jordan Lake Boating Camp ("Seniors") is for Ages 9 – 12.  We group kids mostly according age.  If siblings want to be together, we can make that happen.  (If they don't want to be, we can do that too!)

Aged-out?  We are grateful for the campers who've grown with us and are now teens.  Due to limited space on board, we are now reserving a limited number of spots for teens who are strongly interested in working toward becoming future boating camp counselors. If your teen is motivated by this goal, then please click here for more details.

JUNIOR Boating Camp is for Ages 6 - 8.  (Junior campers are on a completely different boat at a different part of the lake 90% of the time)

Note: Although hours are the same for Boating Camp and Junior Boating Camp, they are not in the same location during the day, other than drop off and pick at Sun Star Farm.  IF you have two children with one on the border of age 8 vs. 9, first email Captain Don prior registering so we can place them properly - either separate or possibly together in same camp.


  • Camp is $399 and includes unlimited ice water and everyday ends with a popsicle! 
  • Monthly payment plan is available at check out.  Pay only $75 deposit now to secure your spot! (the balance is then divided over the remaining months and charged on the 15th monthly, i.e.  2/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/15)

Transfer Requests and Cancellations

Cancellation and refund policy for 2021 is here

Multi-week and sibling discounts are automatically applied on your order at check out. (5% discount for the 2nd+ child or 2nd+ week) 

Easily register for our "sister camp" programs with just one transaction: discounts automatically applied between all programs!  
​Our "SisterSummer Camp Programs...1 convenient drop off/pick up location!

Jordan Lake Boating Camp (Seniors and Junior Camp)
Week #1    6/14 - 6/18  (Fishing Focus Week) 

Week #2    6/21 - 6/25 
Week #3    6/28 - 7/2   (Fishing Focus Week)
Week #4    7/5 - 7/9   (Fishing Focus Week)
​Week #5    7/12 - 7/16  (Fishing Focus Week)
Week #6    7/19 - 7/23  (Fishing Focus Week) 
Week #7    7/26 - 7/30  
Week #8    8/2 - 8/6     (Fishing Focus Week) 
Week #9    8/9 - 8/13  (Fishing Focus Week)
Week #10  8/16 - 8/20 

Jordan Lake Boating Camp - Weather Policy
If the weather report predicts rain/thunderstorms on the day of the scheduled program, we continue as planned.  If rain falls during the day, then we modify our plans to be under shelter or return to Sun Star Farm for fun.  We constantly monitor the local RDU radar throughout the day and adjust our plans accordingly.  As a rule, if lightning is within 10 miles we are off the water and heading for shelter.

It is no surprise that North Carolina weather seldom goes as planned.   I wish I could count the number of times we had blue skies and nice weather, when the 6:00am forecast was doom and gloom.  Often bad weather doesn't come or comes much later in the day. Of course, if extreme weather, e.g. tropical storm, makes it impossible to ensure the safety of the campers, then an email will be sent to cancel camp that day and a make-up day will be offered on a Saturday.  

Attendance/ Drop off/ Pick Up / Exceptions Policy - Super Important!

Jordan Lake Boating Camp is NOT like other "land-based" day camps.  Late arrivals, early pick ups, no-shows, are very tough to coordinate and impact everyone's camp experience.

We need your help to make camp great...  Before you register, please read:

  • If your child is sick or not coming to camp for another reason that day, PLEASE text Captain Don before 8:30am at 919-585-1488
  • If you have doctor/dentist appointments, everyone would be grateful if you scheduled it during another week if possible.
  • Please don't forget lunch boxes and medications at home.
  • Punctuality is very important.  We start at the scheduled time, cover a wide area, and finish at the scheduled time.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we will be en route to somewhere at the lake and you will need to find the group on your own.  You may text Don at 919-585-1488 for directions, however he may not be able to answer immediately. 
  • We don't like campers missing out on camp either and try our best to accommodate.  Some children leave early on Friday's to get jump on family vacations - I get it.  We do our best to make it work.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • If you have any questions or special considerations, please email me

CAMP Weeks and Rates  - 2021

Jordan Lake Boating Camp

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Summer Camp in Apex, NC

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