Camp Dates 2018

  • Both Jordan Lake Boating Camp and JUNIOR Jordan Lake Boating Camp is Monday – Friday from 9:00am - 4:30pm.  
    Extended hours available 8:00am - 5:30pm.

  • Jordan Lake Boating Camp is for Ages 9 – 14.  We group kids mostly according age.  If siblings want to be together, we can make that happen.  (If they don't want to be, we can do that too!)
  • JUNIOR Jordan Lake Boating Camp is for Ages 5 - 8.  (Junior campers are on a completely different boat at a different part of the lake 90% of the time)
  • Note: Although hours are the same for Boating Camp and Junior Boating Camp, they are not in the same location during the day, other than drop off and pick at Sun Star Farm.  IF you have two children with one on the border of age 8 vs. 9, first email me prior registering so we can place them properly - either separate or possibly together in same camp.
  • Although campers wear a ski-style life jacket for all swimming, boating and water activities, for we administer a very basic swimming test on the first morning to assess their comfort level in the water.  Enter water from the beach, swim out to a life guard in deep water (maybe 25 feet away) using any stroke or method, then turn around and swim back to the beach.​  You don't need to be a proficient swimmer to participate in Jordan Lake Boating Camp.

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Camp Overview and FAQs

Our summer camp is designed to build student’s confidence on and around the water.  Students have a blast learning new boating skills and about nature, while practicing teamwork and building character along the way….Our program is designed for kids who love being outdoors.  Nature is a wonderful healer and soothes the soul, and is the perfect antidote to our crazy, fast-paced modern lifestyle. We believe in protecting and nurturing childhood. 

Students start and end every day at our “base camp” at Sun Star Farm, we then use our vans to transport children to the best spots around Jordan Lake to explore and practice their new skills: kayaking (flatwater only), SUP, fishing, boat driving, treasure hunting, navigating, etc. 


We factor in the weather each day so we can go to the best “flat water” areas and have the most FUN!  Camp is everyday regardless of weather.  If rainy, we’ll have activities planned under shelter or indoors if needed.

Students wear comfortable ski-style lifejackets for all water activities.  All participants must wear a lifejacket to comply with NC state boating laws If your child has a lifejacket they love, bring it!

We provide unlimited ice-cold fresh water and a delicious organic popsicle everyday.  Children should bring a lunch and snacks from home (no NUTS please).  Other useful things to bring are a towel, bathing suit, a complete change of clothes, gym shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and bug repellent and a hat.  We encourage them to drink tons of water and give friendly reminders and assistance as needed to re-apply sunscreen.   See list below for things to bring.

What exactly do we do...?

Throughout the day, we often break into smaller groups so we can best engage beginners and those with more experience in certain areas.  Unless specified on the schedule, the typical camp is a "sampler" and includes a variety of water activities and skills so everyone is exposed to new things and gets outside their comfort zone.  The day is somewhat fluid though to take advantage of weather changes and the mood of the group.  For example, if students are having a blast on stand up paddle boards with loads of splashing and screams of joy - then we savor the moment and keep rolling.  If some want to practice skills in more detail, then we focus attention on them while another camp counselor may take others to explore an island and perhaps fish if they are biting...  Primarily, we are play and nature-based while "learning" - not rigid instruction (they get enough of that during school, right?)

Regarding fishing...

If your child loves to fish, great!  We fish during all weeks. If your child hates to fish, we encourage them to at least try at a good fishing hole.  If they don't want to or don't enjoy it, no one is forced to fish.  (Funny thing is...those "who don't like to fish" are the first to run over and check out when someone lands a whopper catfish!)

If your kid cannot get enough fishing, then I highly recommend signing them up for the weeks with "Fishing Focus Mornings".  We dive deeper into it, stick around good fishing holes more, and fish from the boat, shore and kayaks.  Yes, we still fish during other weeks, but not quite as much emphasis in the morning..  

Regarding sailing...

As much as I love sailing, your child will not learn to sail at Jordan Lake Boating Camp.  Varied interests, logistics and weather make pure sailing instruction hard to deliver.  That being said, when the wind is just right (7-12 mph) we may take campers sailing on a Hobie 16 where they are just inches above the water - hearing nothing but wind and their wake.  If you or your child has their heart set on lots of sailing, it most likely won't happen.  Sailing is a just a small part of the overall week. Our goal is to expose campers to a variety of wonderful things that boating and Jordan Lake has to offer.  We strive to pave the way for future sailing experiences so they leave thinking sailing is awesome - not boring or scary! 

What we don't do...

We do not pull tubes, waterskis, kneeboards, etc. Everything else is fair game: drive and dock a motorboat, learn to SUP, start a fire without matches, help rig a sailboat and keep her on a beam name it.  You'll find out why campers say this is the BEST camp ever, and return year after year...

What to Bring...
Please carefully read this list and prepare your child for success.  We are outdoors 98% of the time, and participants must bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the journey. 

  • Campers should come wearing bathing suits. (They will wear a bathing suit 100% of the time at camp)
  • SPF 30+ Sunscreen.  Please arrive in the morning with a good base coat already applied.
  • Refillable water bottle clearly marked with your child's name.  (We have ice-cold water to refill)
  • Every precaution will be taken to make sure your children are well hydrated and are not exposed to too much sun.
  • Sun shirts ("rash guard") and hats with wide brims are highly recommended.  
  • Sunglasses (with strap, e.g. "Croakies")
  • Water shoes (NOT just gym shoes that can get wet)  Examples: aqua sox, Tevas, Chacos 
  • Healthy packed lunch (no peanuts or tree nuts allowed at camp)
  • Snacks - we burn lots of calories (no nuts)
  • Extra set of clothes 
  • Towel


  • Bug spray
  • If you already have a life jacket that your kid is very comfortable in, please bring it. Otherwise we have comfortable ski-style jackets for kids of all shapes and sizes.
  • If your child already has a fishing pole and lures that they love, then please to bring it!   No BIG tackle boxes please.  We do provide gear, but if your child really loves to fish, it will maximize their enjoyment and fishing time if they leave their gear onboard for the week.

Can you accommodate children with special needs?
We are not set up to provide one on one care for any campers.​  Our counselors are experienced with handling certain types of needs, but feel free to contact us if you'd like more information or have specific questions.

What is your behavior policy?
We strive to provide the highest quality experience for your children and want every camper to feel safe and happy.    On the first morning of camp we teach the "golden rule."  Any form of bullying, verbal or physically, or inappropriate language or content will not be tolerated.  Never hesitate to call if you have a concern.  We reserve the right to dismiss a student if a phone call home doesn't resolve the issue.

Questions?  Fire away...
If you have any questions about activities and programming, feel free to give me a call at 919-585-1488 or email at  I can talk boats all day...  
My promise to you is that your child comes home wet, tired...and highly content! 


We welcome children who want and need lots of outdoor time!

Jordan Lake Boating Camp

Summer Camp in Apex, NC

Limited Space - Register TODAY!  919-585-1488

Week #1        June 11 - 15       
Week #2        June 18 - 22        
Week #3        June 25 - 29       
 Fishing Focus in Mornings*
Week #4        July 2 -6              Full 5 days, camp is on July 4th     
Week #5        July 9 - 13           
Week #6        July 16 - 20       
 Fishing Focus in Mornings*   
Week #7        July 23 - 27         
Week #8        July 30 - Aug 3    
Week #9        Aug 6 - 10           
Fishing Focus in Mornings*    
Week #10      Aug 13 - 17        

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