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Jordan Lake Boating Camp

Early AM - Kayak Fishing Club (KFC)

If your Jordan Lake Boating Camper is a gung-ho angler in and you want to get an early start on your day, then consider our new Early-AM Kayak Fishing Club (“KFC”) for ages 9-12*.

How it works…

  • You drop off your eager camper at 7:30am. 
  • We leave Sun Star Farm at 7:35am – pronto – for Jordan Lake.
  • Each camper gets their own fishing kayak and gear.
  • Your camper is sitting in their own kayak and casting their first line by 7:45am.
  • As the sun rises, bald eagles soar, wildlife scampers, and fish jump while we
    hopefully land some whoppers!
  • The rest of the campers arrive at the lake at 9:15am.

KFC is for only campers who are into fishing and  pretty much self-sufficient in fishing ability.
There are only 12 spots each week and they will fill quickly.

If you are running late one morning, then you can meet us at the Farrington Boat Ramp - kayak launching area.

HOWEVER, for the sake your happy camper, we ask for your commitment to arrive on time, i.e. if you arrive quite late, then your child’s early “special time” will be over before they know it.  Others will have caught fish, and they are less likely and will be busy paddling to catch up to the group (You get the picture).

KFC is an awesome opportunity for more fishing at “prime time” plus you get to the office early for only $79
Regular Early Drop-off at Sun Star Farm is M-F 8am-9am for $40, so KFC is only an extra $39!

Questions?  Email Don

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