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We realize this news will definitely disappoint many JLBC campers who’ve been attending for years, plus those eagerly anticipating to attend for the first time.
However, in the last couple of weeks - after careful deliberation, helpful feedback from staff, and much soul searching - Heidi and I reached this decision knowing that it feels like the right thing to do at this time for our family and business.

Is it the end of an era for Jordan Lake Boating Camp?  No, just a pause.

Yes, Jordan Lake Boating Camp is a more complicated camp to run, yet we’ve succeeded in making tons of campers happy since 2012 while they learned to love Jordan Lake and make awesome childhood memories.  We have an impeccable safety record and have staff who feel like family. 

During our planning over the last couple of weeks, when looking at the big picture it became clear that rather than making 2024 a “restructuring year for JLBC,” it feels right to pour our focus, inspiration, energy and investment into our core business of Sun Star Farm Camp/Preschool and Tinkering School NC.

Every time a camper alumnus recognizes me at the grocery store and says “Hi, Captain Don!,” I feel like a hero.  We love what we do and are grateful for earning your trust to care for your children. 

We are a family business and my wife, Heidi, and I are intimately involved in every aspect of running our programs and know our campers and their family - not as numbers. 

Heidi and I been literally living and working side-by-side since 2000 (first in the yachting industry, then swallowing the hook to open Sun Star Farm School in North Carolina while raising our 3 children).  It is also more apparent to us that we are definitely in the “sandwich years” with aging parents and three teenagers, yet overall we feel incredibly blessed.

We get to see your child(ren) grow beside ours, year after year.  More laughter, pics, and timeless moments continue to build. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience about the timing of this JLBC news and to let anyone down.

My gut says the fish will still be waiting in Jordan Lake.  (The boats and gear aren’t going bye bye either). 

We will strive to make Sun Star Farm Camp and Tinkering School NC in 2024 our best summer yet.  Our small groups, caring and experienced counselors, excellent staff to camper ratios, and safety focus, will ensure your child has a fun, unique and safe summer camp experience!  

Sun Star Farm is a place where childhood is nurtured and protected - and beautiful memories are made!

Thank you for understanding and thank you for your continued support by registering for Sun Star Farm Camp and Tinkering School NC.  Please register early to get your best weeks, as our program is small and spots go quickly.


Captain Don & Heidi Watkins



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