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Jordan Lake Boating Camp

What We Do at Camp (and Don’t Do)

Jordan Lake Boating Camp is for kids who love being outdoors.  Nature is a wonderful healer and soothes the soul, and is the perfect antidote to our crazy, fast-paced modern lifestyle. We believe in protecting and nurturing childhood. 

Primarily, our program is nature and play-based with "experiential learning" on the go - not rigid instruction nor a highly structured day (they get enough of that during school, right?)

Jordan Lake Boating Camp is really about having fun on (and in) the water and doing cool things, often for the first time.  As much I’d like to focus on teaching, really the campers want to have fun and enjoy childhood in a unique and special setting.  That is why they return year after year. 

Campers start and end every day at our “base camp” at Sun Star Farm, we then use our vans to transport campers to the best spots around Jordan Lake to explore and practice their new skills: kayaking (flat water only), Stand up paddle-boarding (SUP), fishing, pontoon boat and motorized dinghy driving, treasure hunting, navigating, etc.  We factor in the weather each day so we can go to the best “flat water” areas and have the most FUN!  Camp is everyday regardless of weather.  If rainy, we’ll have activities planned under shelter or indoors if needed.

Students wear comfortable ski-style life jackets for all water activities.  All participants must wear a life jacket to comply with North Carolina boating laws.  If your child has a life jacket they love, then label it with magic marker and bring it!

The typical week is a "sampler" and includes a variety of water activities and skills so everyone is exposed to new things and gets outside their comfort zone.  The day is somewhat fluid though to take advantage of weather changes and the mood of the group.  For example, if students are having a blast on stand up paddle boards with loads of splashing and screams of joy - then we savor the moment and keep rolling.  If some want to practice skills in more detail, then we focus attention on them while another camp counselor may take others to explore an island and perhaps fish if they are biting...  

Regarding fishing...
If your kid cannot get enough fishing, then I highly recommend signing them up for a fishing focus week.  Children with the aptitude, patience, and joy for fishing sign up for these weeks and it works best when we have a mostly like-minded group of young anglers.  We dive deeper into it, stick around good fishing holes more, and fish from the boat, shore and kayaks.  Every landed fish is a celebration!

We fish during all weeks, so if you miss registering for a fishing focus week, don’t worry.  We still accommodate gung-ho anglers.

If your child hates to fish, that is ok, they don’t have to.  They can do other things more interesting to them.  We encourage them to at least try though.  No one is forced to fish, HOWEVER if they truly don’t like to fish, please do not register them for a fishing focus week.  (Funny thing is...those "who don't like to fish" are the first to run over and check out when someone lands a whopper!)

Regarding sailing...
As much as I love sailing, your child will not learn to sail at Jordan Lake Boating Camp. Varied interests, logistics and weather make pure sailing instruction hard to deliver.  

Regarding swimming and "getting wet"...

If your child has a previous injury/infection and it can't get wet under doctors orders, then it needs to heal before attending camp.  All campers get wet, there is no way to avoid it by just "sitting on the boat", plus they will be miserable. If you foresee missing your entire week, email Don asap so we can attempt to find a replacement.  I'm sorry, but as a policy we don't try to find replacements for days missed.

For junior boaters, I love to win over those who at first are "unsure about swimming in a lake, where they can't see the bottom". Some kids just don't like "getting wet" either.  We have a gentle approach and help them have a good time, HOWEVER, they must understand that they will get wet this week at times.  Much of what we do involves going in the water.  For the older campers, a huge part of camp is walking, splashing, swimming, and jumping IN the lake.  It is Boating Camp = they will get wet, very. (This isn't a problem for 99% of the campers)

What we don't do...​
We do not pull tubes, waterskis, kneeboards, etc. As stated above, we do not teach how to sail.  Everything else is fair game: drive a motorboat, learn to SUP, kayak, fishing your heart out, start a fire without name it.  You'll find out why campers say this is the BEST camp ever, and return year after year...

Questions?  Fire away...
If you have any questions about activities and programming, feel free to give me a call at 919-585-1488 or email at

My promise to you is that your child comes home wet, tired...and highly content! 


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